Influencer Marketing

Attention Seekers At Work

Becoming a major strategy in current years, 93% of marketers opted to run Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Be it a simple brand endorsement or starting a new trend for instant promotion - more brands are eager to collaborate with the top ranking influencer and make them the face of their brand.

Best Of Both Worlds
PR & Social Media Marketing - Influencer Brand Collabs enrich content strategy effectively. Exposing the brand to millions of followers instantly helps get extended reach through increased brand awareness. Such a boost in visibility can further assist in driving purchase decisions. Giving the maximum ROI with an effective campaign that is personalised to suit any business.

Automated Outreach
Allowing you to easily plan and track your influencer marketing campaigns, we use only the most effective tools and data so you can make informed decisions. Marketers prefer influencer marketing strategies because of their cost- and time-effective benefits as it has proven to deliver unlimited sharing potential.

Relationship Management
Our commitment to transparency helps us stand out in the herd of influencer marketing agencies. And so, we dedicatedly work on short-listing the most relevant influencers based on the brand's ethics and agenda while ensuring marketing tasks are completed with the utmost accuracy. Working closely with the influencer and brand includes scripting, video recording, content creation and promoting the brand or product through their official handles.

Influencer Discovery & Recruitment
Appointing celebrities on a contract basis, we manage content creator requirements and produce content for them. Giving both small-scale brands and artists a novel chance to enjoy exposure provides budding artists with a quick way to grow their fans and brands to increase their sales.

Why Think First Digital?
Centred around the growing demand for authenticity, relatability, and credibility, our marketing prodigy uses their expertise and novel marketing model to run a successful influencer marketing campaign that will make everyone's jaw drop.

Everything is planned through a campaign timeline, from creating a creative content strategy to aligning the flow for influencer marketing services.

Our commitment to transparency helps us stand out in the herd of influencer marketing agencies.

Our project managers will find common ground and relevant insights into your brand, competitors, industry, and audience. This will enable us to pick suitable topics for the content creator to work on your data-driven influencer marketing campaign.

Brands approach influencer marketing agencies with a brief asking for a campaign that improves conversions, traffic, downloads, and/or awareness by working with influencers.

Additionally, TFD will provide a detailed report of the campaign's success metrics.

As the best influencer agency in India, we are experts at using influencer outreach to make timely promotions and brief them when needed.

Providing a win-win partnership for the collaborator and brands, the collaboration has contributed to continued growth for both.

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