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Want to attract more and more visitors to your website and improve your online rankings?
You can get all you need with the help of our team of SEO buffs. We provide on-point expert analysis where we don't just hand over a list of all the SEO errors you need to fix but provide instructions on correcting them.

From Google, With Love
To make Google fall in love with your website, our SEO team has carefully curated activities that put you at the top of the list.

We follow a profound 8-tier process that covers all of your needs in one go.

Website Audit
Ever wondered how your competitors have higher and better Google rankings than your website?

The key to your concerns is an audit of the SEO website. With a SEO Website Audit, you can boost the search engine rankings, attracting more visitors, leads, and sales. The SEO world is considered the basic evaluation of a website that scores the domain regardless of its potential to appear on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So it doesn't matter if they have low authority and poor UX; running a quick SEO Audit will give the company's owners tons of meaningful insights.
We conduct a full action audit that includes:

Keyword Research
Next in line for most effective on-page factors is conducting simple keyword research. As part of your SEO content strategy, you must determine which keywords should be incorporated into your website. Keyword analysis gives us the ability to understand your target market and how they can reach your content or products/ services.

Structure content to appease both readers and search engines.

Your content material should be efficient enough to answer any questions a user may ask on Google. By conducting a swift Keyword analysis, you will get a detailed search report that will help in answering the 3 W(s) / customer's prime concern such as:

What are the customers asking for?

Who is looking for that specific article?

Which format will they want their information in?

Competitor research
Thorough research about your competitors is always an excellent plan, as it makes us aware of your rival’s different strategies and what we can do better to make you rank higher, gain more visitors and more conversions. However, its brilliance comes from disclosing the possibilities for SEO you may not otherwise have seen.

Competitor research addresses the problems such as:

Who are your current rivals in SEO?

What keywords should you target?

What are the subjects you should cover?

Where can the links be found?

What do you have to do to beat your competition?

On-page SEO
After competitor research, the next thing to focus on is on-page SEO. It helps in controlling and including any optimisation on your website. With on-page optimization of your Google, Opera, or any other search engine, we aim to boost your ranking and visibility on Google, Opera, or other search engines.

It takes time to get results from on-page SEO; however, once your on-page SEO strategy gets up and running, your sales and online rankings will leap.

Content Strategy
We will begin to design a customized plan to take your present site and convert it once we examine the content on your site. Then, we reconfigure the web pages of your website using the most acceptable SEO tactics to make it a site that is not just above your competitors but also higher in SERPs for keywords used by your audience.

In the middle of all this, we constantly take into account your experience, using white hat SEO strategies. We also ensuring that your website remains suitable for your visitors.

Google Analytics & Search Console setup
Setting up the proper tools is one of the most significant parts of the process. You can't measure results without the correct tools. In order to achieve your optimisation, we will not skip an inch of technical SEO requirements, such as tooling, dashboards and analytical systems.

Quality Link Building
One of the most critical steps in establishing your site's authority and bringing it to the top of search results is to build links from credible sites. Many websites and blogs, for example, reference Wikipedia in their material. Therefore, the number of backlinks to Wikipedia from these domains rises, as does the site's authority. Wikipedia is considered a highly credible source by search engines and ranks higher in search engine results.

Search engines consider spammy sites. These are harmful to websites because they label them as untrustworthy, causing negative consequences for search rankings.
We at TFD help you with SEO link building, resulting in your website’s higher ranking on search engines.

Why TFD For SEO? Helps increase Search Engine Ranking
A website generates visitors by appearing on search engine results pages. SERPs that appear higher are considered more relevant. As a result, these pages gain more views and traffic. However, these higher-ranking pages are those of your competitors with whom you constantly struggle to win.
We at TFD have a solution; our team has created an ethical and results-driven search engine optimisation service. We employ the most up-to-date tools, methods, and trends to help you rank higher in search engine results for the right keywords and reach the appropriate audience.

Organic Website Traffic
Right keywords are critical for your website and may significantly influence the quantity and quality of traffic your website receives. Our SEO team can assist you in conveying vital information to attract an ideal market. Our primary objective is to make your website the top ranking result when relevant searches for your business are conducted. The higher your website ranks on the search engine results page, the higher organic search traffic it will receive.

We at TFD have 100% transparency with our clients about the results and reception of their SEO campaigns. Our team will provide you with a detailed monthly report of your SEO success results consisting of a breakdown of the data, such as enhanced search engine rankings, traffic, sources, leads, personalised objectives, conversion rate, and much more.

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