06 September 2022

Top Mobile App Design & Development trends to follow in 2022

There are countless prospects in the field of mobile app development services in India, where one can generate ideas and let innovation inspire creativity. However, it has also turned into a sector with dynamic technology, shifting consumer demands, and shifting fashions for competing businesses in the market. This period needs to be recognised as one of unpredictability and inventiveness.

1.Voice recognition technology

Voice technologies have dramatically taken over the world and are considered one of the most prominent mobile app development services and trends in the coming years. The ability of a particular device to decipher spoken commands is referred to as voice recognition. The voice recognition feature allows users to operate machines and conduct internet searches using voice commands.

2.AR and VR technologies

Augmented and virtual reality have conclusively demonstrated to be some of the most influential innovations, creating business opportunities in various industries. This year's mobile app development trends include AR and VR development. VR and AR technologies are both beneficial to businesses in a variety of industries. Retail, for example, is already utilising this cutting-edge technology. Scanning to get an idea of how accessories like eyewear and clothing will look is a big hit with the public.

3.Emphasis on mobile app security

At some point, every mobile app will be attacked by mobile malware. Because the cases of cyber-attacks are growing year after year, cybersecurity is a top priority. Fortunately, several approaches achieve the highest level of app protection. For example, two-factor verification via fingerprint, face recognition, voice recognition, or a one-time password. Because a single security breach can ruin your reputation, following these security protocols will help your audience gain trust.

4.Geolocation-based applications

Geolocation is the next mobile app design and development trend expected to expand in 2022. It is a phenomenal technology that has significantly benefited from social media platforms. Businesses worldwide use geolocation apps to improve user experience, collect data, and achieve other business goals. With the rise of hybrid app development, many social media apps leverage geolocation filters to provide users with a more personalised experience. Geolocation features will undoubtedly be helpful in 2022, regardless of the industry or audience base you aim to focus through mobile applications.

5.Learning on the go

In an ever-changing world, convenient access to quality education is becoming increasingly important. With the COVID-19 pandemic, learning mobile app development plays a more critical role than ever. Mobile learning is one of the most feasible and compelling trends in mobile app development that shows no signs of slowing down. The primary goal of mobile learning is to allow people to gain necessary knowledge and skills by using portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. It's an easy way to get 24/7 access to learning content and study on the go.


These are just some of the emerging trends in mobile app design and development for 2022 listed above. As previously stated, the mobile app development scenario will evolve at unprecedented speeds. With new technology hitting the market monthly, you might be confused about which trends to adopt for your business. However, by conducting extensive research and consulting with experts, you will be able to gather the necessary information on mobile trends before investing in them.

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