23rd of May 2022

The ultimate guide to digital marketing audit

What is Digital Marketing Audit & How To Use Them?

Digitalisation has remarkably made its foothold in the marketing world. With more and more companies establishing their presence on digital platforms, the demand for a robust, well-structured digital marketing strategy is increasing significantly.

Letting your brand have an endurable position online may take months or even years. When executed correctly, a digital marketing strategy can increase engagement and reach a larger mass in a short period of time. However, most companies find it challenging to take advantage of the digital space due to a lack of knowledge or poor marketing research. Hence, it becomes crucial to perform digital marketing audits on a regular basis.

In this blog, we will provide you with a complete understanding of digital marketing audit and how it benefits an organisation in terms of performance, engagement, and generating revenue through virtual space.

3 Best Digital Marketing Audit Tactics to Use in 2022

Digital marketing is all about getting traffic to your website organically and converting them into potential leads for the company, and for this, using a robust digital marketing audit can be quite effective.

Following are three best practices of digital marketing audit tactics that can bring your digital marketing strategy a success:

Content Marketing Audit

A content marketing audit is a process of categorising and investigating the performance of the content on a company's website(s), social media handles, and other digital platforms. To conduct this audit, you need to drive your digital content through a search engine optimisation crawler- also known as an SEO crawler- to optimise engagement, searchability, ranking, and other technical aspects of your content.

In a content marketing audit, you should undertake title tags, meta descriptions, heading types, and other technical information about the digital content. Also, you need to ensure all the keywords are thoroughly researched and compete with your competitors. You will have a comprehensive strategic plan to work on the loopholes and strengthen your content marketing strategy based on your insights and metric results.