11 April 2022

Top Benefits of Paid Search Marketing

More than 3.5 Billion google searches occur every day, so taking action to be on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) becomes crucial. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two of the most common methods for increasing a website's exposure in search results (SEM or paid search). SEM marketing uses paid advertising to display websites in search results, whereas SEO focuses on techniques to improve organic ranks. While both are important components of any digital marketing strategy, paid search has its own set of benefits worth considering. Let us glance through some of the top benefits of paid search marketing and why you should choose to conduct ppc marketing:

1. Leverage buyers with specific, targeted ads

It is often that the customer decision-making process assists you in meeting your company objectives. In marketing, this is the commercial decision-making process that can be linked to your paid searches. Using targeted advertisements and keyword lists will help create campaigns that will bridge the gap between your customer's wants and your company's goals by helping you appear on top of their search results. Whether the goal is to raise awareness of a new service, sell more items, or grow an email marketing list, sponsored search will help you achieve your objectives.

2. Quick Execution of Ads

Visit any digital marketing agency, and you will be offered choices of whether you would like to run your campaigns organically (SEO) or through paid advertising (SEM). In terms of publishing and receiving quick results for ads, you may see results from purchased searches in a relatively short period as compared to SEO. Paid search allows you to show up instantly for the keywords you have to target, but SEO might take months to improve visibility in search. Furthermore, setting up and maintaining an efficient sponsored search campaign takes only a few hours. It is not necessary to design or upload any creative elements. Although campaigns are simple and quick to publish, they do need long-term maintenance.

3. Greater flexibility for Optimisation

Another significant benefit of sponsored search is the ability to make changes and optimise ads to their best. Every ad component may be customised, including keywords, ad content, ad extensions, and the ad's landing page. If you modify the ad wording, have a new offer, or have something time-sensitive, it will quickly display in your advertising. Remember that organic search can take anywhere from two weeks to several months to rank, so any time-sensitive activity is better suited to sponsored search. Your campaign manager can figure out what's working and what isn't based on the data in your account. For example, let's imagine one key term is substantially more expensive than the others, but the people who are brought in by that keyword aren't interacting properly with the site. Then, this keyword can be turned off or the bid reduced to focus on keywords that will attract engaged traffic to your website.

4. Easy Measurement of Results

Paid marketing makes tracking a lot easier. You don't have to take a chance on advertising, which often happens in organic search. Every cent spent can be tracked with paid search, providing a more precise ROI. It's also a lot easier for advertisers to test advertisements as a result of this. You want to keep track of ads because, with any cost delivery, such as paid search, you would like to know what results you're receiving for the investments you are making. It's also relatively simple to understand the results and whether your campaigns are working or not with the integration of platforms like Google Analytics and Google Ads.

While considering all the above-mentioned benefits, the top most benefit still remains that it is possible for your company to appear on top of SERP. It would be wise of you to choose a paid marketing agency that will assist you in receiving high returns for your investments. You could consider connecting with Think First Digital, which is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that is ranked one of the topmost online marketing agencies in India! Our expertise can aid you in your marketing needs while keeping your business objectives in mind.