28 October 2021

The Power Of Insta Reels

If the idea of Reels seems familiar to you, you're not the only one. Many have compared Reels to TikTok, with some speculating that Instagram's recent update attempts to stifle the popular video-sharing network's development.

In any case, Reels should be an important part of your company's Instagram marketing strategy. Consumer expectations are changing, and Instagram's one billion monthly active users have already adopted Reels. That is why we are here with this blog. This Instagram Reels tutorial will go through what Reels are and how to utilise them effectively as a brand. Scroll down to know more;

Basics Of Instagram Reels:

Instagram Reels is a new exciting set of tools that allows users to cut and edit 3 to 60-second clips with text, soundtrack, stickers, and several other special effects. In addition, the Reels upgrade offers a distinct channel for sharing and examining the short clips. Users can access the never-ending Reels stream from the Explore page by touching the Reel icon on the app.

Reels expand Instagram's video armoury, including 15-second brief clips in Stories, 60-second videos posted on the Profile, and long-form media viewed via IGTV.

Importance Of Instagram Reels In Businesses:

  • Increases Your Brand’s Visibility:
    Instagram Reels now also have a separate tab on the new Instagram update. Consider how prominent and important Stories are now and how IGTV has significant integrations via the app. They're attempting to do the same with Reels, especially because they want viewers to spend more time with them than any other social media platform. They are fully aware that providing an all-in-one platform can benefit this.
    Currently, we can observe a significant effort to promote as well as encourage the use of Reels, and users are engaging with them on some level. This implies you'll be able to communicate with most of your target audience here efficiently.

  • Focuses On Shoppable Content:
    Instagram has just confirmed that it will add shopping capabilities to Reels. This will transform the whole Instagram app into a single dynamic, shoppable product catalogue if you want to utilise it in that manner. This is relevant right now because they have beaten many social media platforms, collaborating with several brands to put up an interface offering something equivalent. Though these platforms can still bring you in front of new audience members, Instagram marketing businesses a tremendous benefit with this update.

  • Differentiates Your Product:
    Reels is your chance to capitalise on newfound eagerness and use innovative video approaches to demonstrate your significant difference in operation, whether it's distinctive fashion designs, weekly dine-in specials, or community involvement. It is a great platform for you to communicate with the audience and tell them;
    • Why should a person consumer purchase from you?
    • What distinguishes you from your rival brands?


Reels provides a unique potential for Instagram to replace TikTok as it is banned in India, as well as for Social media users who wish to keep more of their content marketing strategy focused on one platform. Reels is an entertaining resource for many companies, but it hasn't been as disruptive or substantial as Stories or Shoppable posts.

We encourage experimenting with Reels and including them into your business at least once a week to evaluate how well it performs for you and your viewers. Keep tabs of engagement on the Reels videos, but also keep an eye on your reach and impressions to see whether or not it's having an effect.

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