21 June 2021

Ideas to Kickstart your Business on Social Media

You want your business to be recognised everywhere. You don't want to wait years before you get the results. What should you do?

Social media is an excellent global distribution channel, and if you can comprehend its intricacies, you can generate higher engagement for your business. However, for boosting the performance of your business online, you must understand how it works. Although many social media marketing services are also there to help you, having some knowledge always gives you an upper hand during testing situations.

You must be wondering how one can learn to promote their business on social media? Well, you are in luck as we have some ideas that can help you boost your business;

Register on multiple platforms with a stunning profile:

Having a page on Facebook is a great thing as it is the most widely used platform, but restricting it to just one page is not a good idea. When it comes to social media, you want to create an online persona which is not possible by being stuck on just one page. Hence, you must register on multiple sites to extend your reach and be omnipresent. It is true that you have to focus more on your target audience's social media platform, but in today’s digital age where everyone is trying to be socially active through being present on multiple social media handles, having a single account limits you from missing out on any potential customer.

Secondly, fill out the required information on your profile. This gives you a chance to give out intricate details about your brand and helps you gain traction on your website and other available social media accounts. Finally, don't forget to write one thing: everyone loves an emotionally connecting story of your journey.

Establishing social media strategic goals:

Every brand needs to build a connection with its audiences, and so do you. So, before posting anything on your social media handle, you must define your marketing objectives. You may be using social media to achieve specific or multiple goals; whatever it is, you have to be clear in your mind and have all of it sorted out.

You have to think of it as any major decision you take for the company. And if it seems like a tough task to handle, seek some help from social media marketing agencies in India that can help you build an enticing portfolio across your multiple handles.

Tags & Hashtags can be a game-changer (Particularly for Twitter and Instagram):

Including trend-specific hashtags in your posts is an effective strategy to enhance its reach. In addition, you can tag other accounts and add hashtags to your Twitter & Instagram bio.

We know how tricky finding the right set of hashtags can be. Try hiring a Twitter or Instagram marketing agency to save you from the hassle.

Relationship and Trust:

Social media platforms are the best when it comes to gaining the trust of your customers. Everyone wants to be on social media and use it for various reasons. But, the main reason is: It’s quick to reply and has instant solutions which makes it more convenient for the user. Listening to the concerns and issues of your customers can provide you with endless opportunities to be their saviour when needed. This will assist in building a strong bond with your customers.

Collab with Influencers:

Influencer marketing is not just a passing trend, it’s here to stay with all its might. Considered as one of the best ways of promoting your brand online, it is an ultimate trump card, especially when you are starting your brand’s journey on social media. From gaining followers to increasing your reach, Influencer marketing is the best tool that can be found. And when it comes to financing, they work on a small budget, and at times, they might also promote your business for free products or giveaways.


Well, the story doesn’t end here as there are other essential pointers to learn in social media marketing namely website optimisation, social media networking, competitors' analysis, and getting a better understanding of your audience. Although many of these can be handled without a fret, there are a few things for which you will need the help of an experienced and performance-driven social media marketing company.

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