09 September 2021

How To Design A Stand Out Website?

The visual appeal of a website has a significant influence on its viewers. A great website design not only encourages them to spend more time or money on your website, but it can also boost your company's overall impression. At times, design becomes very crucial if you want people to return to your work, save it, identify with your brand, and share it amongst the masses.

There are many questions that must be arising in your mind at this instance;

“What exactly does a web designer do?”,
“How can you develop a significant site design?”,
“How can a website design boost a brand?”

All your questions will be answered in this blog;

What is Website Design?

Web design is responsible for the overall appearance and feel of a website. It is the process of designing and developing the aspects of your website, such as structure and layout, as well as pictures, colours, fonts, and graphics.

When it comes to creating a website there are a lot of components you need to consider, such as; graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimisation (SEO), and content development work together to produce a website’s completed experience. These factors determine how a website appears, feels, and functions on different devices.

Importance of Website Design:

As an experienced digital marketing company, we can’t emphasise enough on the fact that if you don't have a solid presence online, you're holding back your brand. Potential customers who search for your brand online and come up empty-handed may believe you've left the market. If they reach your website and they find it ordinary, they will conclude that you are not concerned about your business or product. By getting your web design right, you can ensure that every relationship that begins on your website is a positive one.

Now that you've figured out what's what and who's who, let's have a look at some sure-shot characteristics of a well-built website design.

Signs of a ‘Good’ Website Design:

  • User-Friendly Website Interface: Regardless of their age, disability, or gender, everyone must be able to visit your site. Hence, it is critical to have a user-friendly interface. Let's take an example; imagine you've produced a demo of your website's design. However, you entirely overlook the need of adding alt text to your photos. This slight error may render your website unsuitable to people with visual impairments. However, usability does not just refer to the material that users can access through your design. It's also how simple it is for them to accomplish anything.

  • Quick Responsiveness: The idea of responsive web design proposes that design and development should react to the user's behaviour and surroundings based on screen size, device, and orientation. The technique combines flexible grids, layouts, pictures, and the strategic use of CSS media queries. It is a sign of a good website design when a user switches from one device to another and the website adjusts itself, fits resolution, picture size, and scripting capabilities according to the other device.

  • SEO-Optimised Site: Search engines, such as Google, include user experience design into their algorithms. Their objective is to show the most relevant and high-quality websites for a user's search term. They determine this based on data that indicate how easy the site is to use, such as pages per session, bounce rate, and time on page. Hence, if your website design isn't accessible, user-friendly, or smartphone-friendly, it won't appear at the top of the search results of your target demographic, regardless of how great it seems.
    Pro Tip: Remember Google considers smartphones over desktops when it comes to ranking the website in search engine results.


By actively participating in the creation of your website, you can ensure that it fulfils your requirements. Inform your web designer about your brand, your tone, and your goals for the website. The more knowledge they have, the more prepared they are to create the ideal website for your business. Explain your vision to them, and then step back and let them do their thing.
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