20 March 2023

AI-based content writing tools v/s professional content writers; which one should you choose?

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, right from robots by Elon Musk to getting answers in real-time with Chat-GPT. Writing has become more efficient thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. While more sophisticated algorithms may generate copy and content with the push of a few buttons, simpler AI content writing tools are available for grammar and spelling checks.

But is it taking the human touch away from marketing, which is an important aspect of building meaningful customer relationships? Let’s find out in this blog, where we discuss the pros and cons of artificial intelligence-based content marketing.

  • 1. AI-based writing is quick but requires a quality check.

  • Writing tools are reasonably efficient and can churn out content pieces within just a few minutes compared to a professional conducting thorough research for hours before writing something. However, as AI-based writing tools gain more popularity, people use them so often that it raises questions about plagiarism to some extent. Even though a beginner can write content with the help of AI writing tools, a professional copywriter is required to perform a quality check and relevancy of the content.

  • 2. AI-based writing may provide value to users rather than to search engines.

  • No matter how informative or beneficial AI content is, it must ultimately be valuable to readers and appealing to search engines. Search engines like Google want people to only view ‌ important and original content. Content written by AI raises concerns about plagiarism and might not follow the best SEO techniques. Professional content writers, on the other hand, put the needs of the reader first while employing the greatest SEO techniques to help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • 3. AI-based writing can inspire but needs more creativity.

  • Writing creative content is the key to making copies and blogs more engaging. As AI tools lack emotional intelligence, they cannot build a connection with the audience using various relatable examples and pop culture terms. Since AI writing tools crawl into existing information uploaded on the internet, it doesn’t particularly churn out original, out-of-the-box content. However, if a professional writer faces a creative block, AI-based content can come in handy and inspire one to explore different ideas.

  • 4. A great idea may get lost in translation.

  • There are tons of AI tools out there that are used to translate blogs into different languages for various purposes. You may have expanded your business overseas and are looking to do some off-page SEO activities for link-building to get leads. This is when you may want to translate English content into local languages; many would use AI tools to reduce costs, especially for bulk work. But, when there is a valuable blog in place, AI often produces a literal translation of the words in which the essence and meaning of the original content piece get lost. Hence, for translation, it is always advised to hire professionals.

Final thoughts

TNo matter how advanced AI gets, there will always be a requirement for humans to step in and research thoroughly to write valuable yet original content. If you are just starting to understand content marketing for your small business operating just out of your home, then AI writing tools may be a great option, and should still be used for assistance. But when your business is growing and expanding its reach, you must invest in hiring a professional content marketing agency.

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